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Gradudation Transitions Exposition

The Grade 12 Graduation Transition Exposition is on Wednesday, January 23rd at 12:15pm until 2:45pm in the High School Gymnasium.
The Grade 12 Graduation Transition Expo is a unique gallery event where each Graduate creates a personalized station to present the story of their past, present, and future. Each Graduate will display representative artifacts of their life and be open for discussion about many topics, such as family, friends, hobbies, interests, and future for work and school to name a few.
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Secondary Assessments Week

From January 21-24, secondary students have a modified schedule to accommodate end-of-semester assessments.
From Monday to Thursday, students will be provided with instructional and/or assessment time. Each class teacher has something different planned for each day. Assessment activities could include presentations, interviews, self-reflection, formal exam, portfolio expo, and more). Busses are running as usual.
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Bus Safety

Reminder to all parents and students who ride the bus. Students need to stay well behind the white line or well back on the road shoulder. This distance is extra important when it is slippery. No one should be sitting anywhere near the line and always keep several meters back from the road Parents, please reinforce this. We might save a life.
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